Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow Themes

Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow Themes


The idea that idleness is the narrator’s most potent characteristic appears even from the title given to the collection of essays. The first essay focuses on the definition given by the author to the idea of being idle and how that belief seems to influence him in all aspects of life. He opens on of his essays that has the title On getting on in the world by admitting that for the reader, it must be confusing why an idle person chooses to talk about a subject that is more suitable for those who always look for something to do. His ideas about idleness are different than those generally accepted and the uniqueness of his essays is given by this difference in the way of perceiving the world that surrounds him.

The purpose in life

In one of his essays, the writer focuses on trying to explain what common goal all men and women have in their life and that is, getting on in the world. He exemplifies that all humans have this simple wish by describing their struggle to get on in the world with a race where everyone is a contestant. Rich, poor, old, young, men, women coming from different backgrounds, they all give everything they got to make sure that they will get on in life. To reach their goal, they don’t shy away from hurting those in front of them or to make sure that those who are behind then remain there. Through this theme, the narrator wants to point out that every human is only interested in getting what he wants and he doesn’t care about what happens with those around him as long as he is happy.

Life lessons

The collection and essays have a universal theme and that it offering advice on how to get in life. Each essay has a different title and analyzes a different aspect of someone’s life while simultaneously trying to help the reader get over hurdles that could damage his social life. For example, he gives advice for those who are shy and for those who are experiencing financial problems or are depressed with the aim of being accepted in the society. The essays are written in a humorous style but despite this, the subjects tackled are serious and affect the lives of many.

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