Hoot Characters

Hoot Character List

Roy Eberhardt

Roy is the protagonist of the story, and an everyman hero experiencing the stress of moving from a place he loved (Bozeman, Montana) to a place he knows nothing about and doesn’t much like. He’s out of place among the Florida crowd, and hasn’t really found his niche at school. However, his inherently kind and just nature leads him to Mullet Fingers and Beatrice, and his commitment to them and their cause of protecting the owls on the Mother Paula’s lot displays a truly good soul.

Mullet Fingers

Mullet Fingers is in many ways, quite similar to Roy. He has Roy’s keen sense of justice (albeit, his is more extreme) and he has the same love for the wilder part of Coconut Cove that Roy had for Bozeman. He isn’t afraid to go to extremes for the preservation of his home state’s wilder places after his attempt at letter writing fails, and he’s willing to risk going to juvenile hall to stop the pancake house’s construction. He is what Roy could be without his measured sense of caution, an eco-warrior desperate to save the vulnerable plants and animals he holds so dear.

Beatrice Leep

Beatrice Leep, or as she’s known by her classmates “Beatrice the Bear”, is Mullet Finger’s stepsister. She’s tough, smart, and fiercely protective of her stepbrother. She’s tall and strong, but has a soft spot for her stepbrother and eventually for Roy as the story goes on.

Officer David Delinko

A hungry young Coconut Cover police officer who desperately wants to make detective someday, Officer Delinko views the Mother Paula case as a chance to prove himself. His intentions are good, but he becomes increasingly frustrated by the acts of vandalism that keep getting past him. Most of his strongest efforts against the kids come from a deep-seated fear of looking like a fool. He’s a good man that sticks to his convictions, and when it becomes clear that what the Mother Paula’s corporation is doing is wrong, he switches sides.

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