Hoot Background

Hoot Background

Hoot is written by Carl Hiaasen and was published in 2002. This is a story that takes place in Coconut Grove, Florida, and is mostly about Roy Eberhardt, who has just moved to Florida after moving to many different places and is the new kid.

Roy is bullied a lot, and while getting smashed on a window, he notices a strange kid who is running very quickly, while school is about to start. Meantime, a police officer gets called over because of "vandalism." There he learns that an endangered species of burrowing owls lives where people are about to start bulldozing the area. This book is about a few children who are devoted to saving this endangered species of owls.

Hiaasen composed this narrative as his first childrens' book so his younger relatives could read his books. This book has received the John Newbery Medal in 2003, and it was made into a movie in 2006.

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