Hippolytus Glossary

Affability (n.)

1. the characteristic of being pleasant and at ease in talking to others; 2. the characteristic of being friendly

Antistrophe (n.)

a returning movement in Greek choral dance exactly answering to a previous strophe

Beguile (v.)

to lead by deception, hoodwink

Coronal (n.)

a circlet for the head usually implying rank or dignity

Dalliance (n.)

the act of playing, especially amorous play

Eddying (adj.)

to move in an current of water or air running contrary to the main current, especially a circular current

Expound (v.)

to explain by setting forth in careful and often elaborate detail

Extremity (n.)

the farthest or most remote part, section, or point

Goad (n.)

1. something that pains as if by pricking; 2. something that urges or stimulates into action

Inviolate (adj.)

not violated or profaned, pure

Marrow (n.)

the inmost, best, or essential part

Obstinate (adj.)

1. perversely adhering to an opinion, purpose, or course in spite of reason, arguments, or persuasion; 2. not easily subdued, remedied, or removed

Ply (v.)

to use or wield diligently; to practice or perform diligently

Rave (v.)

1. to talk irrationally in or as if in delirium; 2. to speak out wildly

Scourge (n.)

a cause of wide or great affliction

Sovran (adj.)

sovereign; one possessing or held to posses sovereignty; one that exercises supreme authority within a limited sphere

Strophe (n.)

the movement of the classical Greek chorus while turning from one side to the other of the orchestra

Suppliant (adj.)

humbling imploring, entreating

Suppliant (n.)

who makes a humble entreaty, especially to pray to God

Taint (n.)

a contaminating mark or influence

Tempered (adj.)

qualified, lessened, or diluted; moderated

Tempestuous (adj.)

of, relating to, or resembling a tempest; turbulent, stormy

Thwart (adv.)

to run counter to so as to effectively oppose or baffle

Travail (n.)

work especially of a painful or laborious nature; toil

Wrack (v.)

to cause to suffer torture, pain, anguish, or ruin