Hawksmoor Symbols, Allegory and Motifs

Hawksmoor Symbols, Allegory and Motifs

Like an infant biting his lip

When Sir Christopher is first introduced, it becomes clear that Dryer does not like him and does not agree with his way of being. In fact, Dryer compares Sir Christopher’s behavior with that of a child when he describes him biting his lip just as an infant would when being scolded. This comparison shows just how little respect Dryer had for Sir Christopher and how he looked at him like an adult would look at a child.

Like the bark of a dog

Another common comparison is that between Walter’s laugh and the bark of a dog. Dryer mentions the comparison time and time again and through this he wants to suggest that Walter is obedient just like a dog and that he listens without asking questions and without thinking too much about what he is told to do.

My thoughts rattle like a coach

In the beginning of the book, Nicholas leaves his office and hails a coach to take him into town. While inside the coach, Nicholas compares his restless thoughts with the sound and rattle the coach made as it passed over the poorly paved ground. This comparison has the purpose of showing just how restless Nicholas was feeling and how much he was plagues by his thoughts.

Sweet poison

When Nicholas Dryer talks about his past and the time when he was living on the streets shortly after his parents died, he describes the people he sees as being carcasses sweeting poison. The comparison between living men and dead man with poison coming out of their skin is important because it shows just how dangerous it was for the living then, not knowing who was infected and who was a healthy person.

Like corn

After revealing his secret plans for the room under the Church, Nicholas reveals to the reader that he wants to build that secret place for the generations to come as a reminder and to urge them to follow the Satanic religion. Nicholas compares the room with a grain that falls from a cob of corn and finds its way into the ground. When the time is right, the grain grows and becomes a new plant. In a similar fashion, Nicholas wanted to leave something behind, something that will inspire future generations to choose the same path he did.

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