Hawksmoor Quotes


"I don’t know where it comes from, but I know where it’s going to’’.

Thomas’s mother, Part one

Thomas is a small boy who lived with his mother after his father passed away. After the death of the father, the mother became increasable unstable and she would often burst out of nothing. Because of this, she was no longer able to properly take care of the house and dust and filth would accumulate everywhere. The quote from above is uttered by the mother when she notices the dust in the house but the meaning behind the quote is much more important. In a similar way, humans do not know why they were put on this earth or how we came to be. We do know however that one day we will die and that is the common ending everyone will eventually have.

"A lump of coal is better than nothing. Nothing is better than God. Therefore a lump of coal is better than God.’’

The narrator, first part

Through this quote, the narrator reveals the way the people thought. Religion was important for them as they were thought their souls depended on the way they treated religion. Yet, they had to deal with more pressing problems such as finding enough food. Because of this, while religion was important for them, food and the bare necessities were of even greater importance. It is because of this why the narrator claims a lump of coal is better than religion, because it can ensure the survival of a person.

"there were in every place Bodies on the ground, from which came such a Scent that I ran to catch the Wind in my Nostrils’’

Nicholas, Part One

The quote from above is uttered by Nicholas after his parents died and he escaped from the house in which they died. Nicholas then ran alone on the streets, trying to figure out what he was going to do next. As he ran, he was able to observe the state of the city and how the city was affected by the plague. Nicholas noted how the smell of death was in the air and how no matter where you went, one could not escape it. This quote is important because it shows just how dire the situation was and how much the people suffered because of the plague.

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