Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Metaphors and Similes

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Metaphors and Similes

There is a black sheep in every flock (Metaphor)

Uncle Vernon and his family don’t like Harry and never take care of him. When Harry finishes his first year of education in Hogwarts, his foster family begins to hate him stronger. Harry is a black sheep in this family. This metaphorical description proclaims that Harry looks nothing like the rest of the family. Firstly, his appearance (his scar) makes him to look unusual. Secondly, his character shows his loyalty and kindness, his erudition proves his desire to get to know new things, which surround him. He isn’t like other stupid and greedy members of his family. He differs with his unique inner world and it forces him to be a black sheep in the Dursley's family, which usually means negative, but not in this case. For Harry to be a black sheep in this family is more of a compliment.

Dangerous Harry (Simile)

During the summer holidays Harry lives with the Dursley's. "Uncle Vernon treats him like a bomb that may go off at any moment". As Harry Potter is not a normal boy, his uncle Vernon always is afraid of him, because of his magic abilities. That's why Vernon treats him carefully and pretends to be devoted father. But, actually, Vernon hates him, showing his hypocrisy.

Inhuman attitude (Simile)

The Dursley's love their son Dudley. Dudley's mother and father buy him a new clothes, cook him tasty cakes and that's why Dudley is spoiled and ill-bred child. But treatment of Harry is bad. Now the school year is over, and he is back with the Dursley's for the summer, "back to being treated like a dog that has rolled in something smelly". The Dursley's attitude to Harry is awful and this family scorns him like a homeless animal.

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