Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Background

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Background

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is the second book in the Harry Potter series, written by J. K. Rowling. It was published in the United Kingdom on July 2, 1998 and in the United States on June 2, 1999. Rowling found it difficult to write this book after the first because she was afraid it would not live up the the expectations and praise raised by Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. It was consequently published. Rapidly, the novel took first place in the UK best-selling list and displaced many other popular authors at the time.

This fictional children’s book captured the minds of not only young children around the world, but also adults. It conjured a lot of opinionated debates. Some people found the book frightening for younger children. But most people highlight its “Strong plots, engaging characters, excellent jokes and a moral message which flows naturally with the story.” Its complex, delightful, and suspenseful plot has children and adults still reading it today and the series has become one of the most successful and famous in the world.

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