Haroun and the Sea of Stories

Haroun and the Sea of Stories Character List


Haroun is the hero of the story. He is a boy that travels to Kahani to help restore his father's storytelling power.


Rashid is Haroun's father. He is a master storyteller that loses his ability to tell stories after his wife leaves him.

Iff the Water Genie

Iff is a Water Genie responsible for care of the Story Water that comes from the moon Kahani. He accompanies Haroun on his journey.


Mali is a Water Gardener. He cares for the story streams in the Sea of Stories on Kahani.

Butt the Hoopoe

Butt the Hoopoe is a mechanical bird that flies Haroun to the moon Kahani and accompanies him on his journey.


Goopy is a Plentimaw fish that helps Haroun as he ventures to the land of Chup.


Bagha is a Plentimaw fish that accompanies Haroun. The Plentimaw fish are so named because they talk in rhyme all the time.

Prince Bolo

Bolo is the prince of the land of Gup. He leads the Guppee army to Chup in order to rescue his princess fiance Batcheat.

Princess Batcheat

Batcheat is princess of the land of Gup. She is captured by Khattam-Shud and the forces of Chup.


Khattam-Shud, which means "silence," is the novel's antagonist. He poisons the story streams of the Sea of Stories and captures Princess Batcheat.

Mudra the Shadow Warrior

Mudra is a former Chupwala soldier. He leaves the army because he disagrees with Khattam-Shud and helps the Guppees in their fight against the Chupwala army.


Blabbermouth is a Page in the Library (army) of Gup. She disguises herself as a boy but is found out after she saves the Guppee leadership from a suicide bomber.

General Kitab

General Kitab is the general for the Guppee army. He is known for talking openly and freely about his battle plans.

The Walrus

The Walrus is the head of the P2C2E (Processes 2 Complicated 2 Explain) on Kahani. He is the person Haroun is trying to talk to in order to get his father's Story Water turned on again.

Butt the Mail Coach Driver

Butt the Mail Coach Driver drives Haroun and Rashid to the Valley of K. He is known for his alliteration of speech and his reckless driving.

Snooty Buttoo

Snooty Buttoo is an autocrat politician in the Valley of K. He brings in Rashid to tell stories to help him be elected.

Mrs. Oneeta Sengupta

Mrs. Sengupta lives above Haroun's family in the sad city. Her husband runs off with Haroun's mother.

Mr. Sengupta

Mr. Sengupta is a measly man who lives above the Khalifa family in the sad city. He has no appreciation for story and steals Haroun's mother away from the family.