Harold and Maude Characters

Harold and Maude Character List

Harold Chasen

Harold Chasen is the main character in Harold and Maude. After an incident when he was in high school, he likes the idea of being dead and is immensely fascinated by it. His hobbies are going to funerals and committing fake suicides. He falls in love with an eighty-year-old woman, as he learns the value of life.


Maude is the second main character in Harold and Maude. She is seventy-nine-years-old when she first meets Harold at a funeral. She is energetic, loves life, and spends her time the best she possibly can. She enjoys playing the banjo and helping others. Maude thinks eighty is the perfect age to die and is counting down her days.

Mrs. Chasen

Mrs. Chasen is Harold’s mom. She loves Harold a lot and is horrified by the fake suicides he performs. The first time she though he was dead was after an incident at school where there was an explosion. When she was informed of the death of her son, she fainted. Mrs. Chasen wishes that Harold will find a wife or a positive and productive way of life, though Harold doesn’t wish this for himself.

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