Ghostwritten Characters

Ghostwritten Character List


Quasar is a terrorist and is the mind behind a terrorist attack in London. He is a part of a millenarianist doomsday cult and has a connection to a being they believe is otherworldly and leads the lives of those in the cult. He and his cult are waiting for doomsday, which he foresees through telepathy. He also sees all the stories in the end of the book, which can mean that he isn’t delusional and really is speaking to an omnipresent character.

Neal Brose

Neal Brose is married to Katy Forbes, though they don’t live together because he can’t have children. He works as an expat lawyer and lives in Hong Kong. He has an affair with a young girl originally from the Holy Mountain. He dies as he considers what true love is, thus troubling his workspace. The house he lives in is believed to be haunted by a ghost, though which ghost it really is, isn’t clear.

Margarita Latunsky

Margarita Latunsky is the girlfriend of Rudi and one of the host narrators of one of the chapters. Rudi works for a buyer and is going to steal a famous and important painting with the help of Margarita. Margarita loves and spends a lot of time with Rudi and envisions a future with him, though he doesn’t love her. Margarita is taken by the police as someone sabotages their heist.

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