Ghostwritten Background

Ghostwritten Background

Ghostwritten is a 1999 drama novel written by David Mitchell. It was published by Holder and Stoughton and won several prizes. The book is David’s debut novel, and many of his next books were written in the same fashion and universe as Ghostwritten is placed in. All the main characters battle problems and hardships that are explained and expressed in the book, having to rise higher than their circumstances.

The book was highly acclaimed, which led it to having a great sale and spotlight. It is written differently than the traditional novel, with each chapter featuring seemingly different people, cities and points of view. They are all connected through events that seems random but come to a meaningful conclusion. David Mitchell drew inspiration from several events that have occurred, spinning them into allusions where the reader can and will learn without force.

David Mitchell is a British author. His fist novel won the 1999 John Llewellyn Rhys Prize and was shortlisted for the Guardian Fist Book Award. His third book, Cloud Atlas was made into a movie that also won several prizes.

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