From Russia With Love Symbols, Allegory and Motifs

From Russia With Love Symbols, Allegory and Motifs


Spektor is a machine used to encrypt messages by the Russian Intelligence. It is much coveted by the British Intelligence as they do not have this machine and are under constant threat from the Russians. Spektor not only represents the superiority of Russian Intelligence over British, but the threat Russia poses to other nations.

Windsor Knot

The Windsor Knot represents Bond's intuition. He believes that any man who wears the Windsor Knot is vain and prudish. However, he chooses to trust the man in spite of his intuition.

War and Peace

War and Peace is an 1869 novel by Leo Tolstoy about the impact of French invasion on aristocratic families of Russia. The novel mostly talks about war and strategy. Ironically, it also symbolizes the strategy of Russian Intelligence: there is a device which can shoot like a gun from the end of the spine. It's a perfect disguise and is enough to convince Bond that it is a harmless book.

Bond's Attache Case

Bond's Suitcase represents the innovative and sharp minds of Q and his department. The suitcase, while looking normal from outside and inside, contains ammunition, razor sharp knives, money, and a cyanide pill.

Orient Express

The Orient Express is meant to represent the exotic adventure of Bond in Turkey, which is often represented as a country with blood-hungry people. Anything about the country is portrayed as strange and a bit abnormal, and the Orient Express is part of that portrayal.

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