From Russia With Love Literary Elements

From Russia With Love Literary Elements


Mystery, thriller, spy fiction

Setting and Context

1955, London, Moscow, Istanbul

Narrator and Point of View

Omniscient narrator. POV shifts from character to character.

Tone and Mood

Tone is excited, thrilling

Protagonist and Antagonist

James Bond is the protagonist and Rosa Klebb is the antagonist.

Major Conflict

Major conflict revolves around James Bond who is asked to get the cryptography machine, Spektre and Tatiana Romanova to London.


Tension reaches its maximum when Grant holds Bond at gunpoint and is waiting for the train to enter tunnel to kill him.


The leader of gypsies forewarns Darko and Bond that they were to stay away from a son of snows and a son of moon. Later, Darko is killed by Soviet spy from cold parts of Russia and Bond is almost killed by Red Grant who gets homicidal tendencies at full moon.


The machine Spektre is hardly looked carefully by Bond or Romanova, which leads to both of them not realizing that it's a bomb


The plot of the book alludes to the cold-war situation during 1950s between the US and USSR.


Characters are often described in great detail to highlight things about their personalities from their physical traits.


Bond, who is said to be the greatest spy, is unable to see a plot as naive as in the book.



Metonymy and Synecdoche

SMERSH is often used as a metonymy to the Russian Government.



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