Flowers for Algernon

Flowers for Algernon Summary and Analysis of Progress Report 5


The researchers obtain familial permission to use Charlie from his sister Norma, who still lives with their mother. Charlie is excited that they are using him. While he is in Professor Nemur’s office, however, Burt and Strauss come in and the researchers argue about whether or not to use Charlie. Nemur worries about using him, but Strauss and Burt say that Charlie is the best they’ve tested so far, and that he has great motivation. Through the conversation, it is revealed that Nemur’s ultimate goal in the future was to create some breed of superhuman through this artificially increased intelligence. They decide to use him and Charlie jumps up and shakes Nemur’s hand and thanks him, scaring the researchers.


This entry is written on March 6 as well. The author uses the tool or vehicle of conversation to reveal information about characters' plans or motivations. He also stays true to Charlie’s mental abilities, and has the protagonist deliver the scientific conversation piecemeal. The vocabulary that Charlie does not know is purposely omitted with just enough evidence for readers to understand what words they stand in for: “A tremen*** achev***” (8).