Flowers for Algernon

Flowers for Algernon Summary and Analysis of Progress Report 2


The researchers administer a Rorschach test to Charlie, asking him to find images in inkblots on cards. Charlie is unable to even imagine any images in the patterns. He is afraid that he has failed the test.


Charlie is inconsistent in the way he titles his progress reports. This one, like the first entry, is fraught with typos and grammar mistakes. Charlie begins the entry by saying that he is afraid he failed the test; he ends it, too, with fear that he has failed. Despite this fear, his overall tone is neutral and calm, and he shows that he is a patient and good-natured person. He does not become upset even when it is clear he cannot perform the task they are asking him to. Nor does he suspect that they are trying to trick or fool him. Instead, he blames himself, although not negatively; he says, “I tolld Burt mabey I need new glassis” (2).