Fish in a Tree Background

Fish in a Tree Background

Originally published in 2015, Fish in a Tree is a New York Times bestselling novel by Lynda Mullaly Hunt. The novel follows the inspiring story of Ally, a troublemaking middle-schooler who has dyslexia. Because of this, she is unable to read, and is quite embarrassed of this fact. However, she does not want to let anyone know of her inability, so is unwilling to ask, and simply distracts people when she is told to read something. Her teacher notices what the problem is, and realizes that Ally has potential, even though she believes she is worthless.

Lynda Mullaly Hunt is an American author who is best known for her middle-school aged novel Fish in a Tree. She is also known for her novel One for the Murphy's, and is an active writer. She is a strong believer that it is more important to place value of a child's self rather than their academic capability, so that they can develop that capability to help the world in unique ways.

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