Fathers and Sons Imagery

Fathers and Sons Imagery

Noble man

From the beginning, Pavel is described as taking care of the way he looks. Pavel is described as being an aristocrat, trying to dress in a way as to copy the European fashion and repulsed by the way in which Bazarov frequently appears. The arrogant and proud attitude which Pavel exhibits creates the image of the stiff aristocrat man, still holding on to the old ways.

Modern Man

There is a clear distinction between the way Pavel is portrayed and the Bazarov is portrayed. While Pavel is described as an aristocrat, Bazarov is portrayed as not being afraid to get dirty and who is willing to make sacrifices for science. In the eyes of the old-fashioned aristocrat, the modern man is a beast, a repulsive creature who believes in nothing

Wild and domestic

At one point in the novel, Katya talks about the difference between Arkady and Bazarov, describing one as being a wild beast and the other as being a domestic animal. Bazarov is frequently described as being matted in mud, getting dirty for the sake of science which makes other characters like Pavel dislike him. Arkady, on the other hand, is a domestic animal. Through this comparison, the image of the man happy with his condition is created. Arkady doesn’t have grandiose dreams, nor does he criticize constantly those around him. Arkady is more than happy with the way things are and he is content staying in the within the boundaries set around him.

European customs

When Arkady and Bazarov go to the ball, the way the Russian society is portrayed created the idea that the Russian people see the European culture as being something they should follow. The image the author creates portrays the people who attend the ball as dressing in a similar fashion to the way people dressed in Europe and always using French expressions in an attempt to imitate the European culture. Through this, the image of the Russian dissatisfied with his country is created.

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