Exiles Background

Exiles Background

Exiles is a written play that includes three acts, written and published by James Joyce in 1918. The play by the famous Irish author was rejected to actually be produced at the time of its publication, but was rediscovered in 1970 and made into a London play. The plot of the story revolves around a complicated love affair of a married man that meets a married woman that he used to love and drink alcohol with, and eventually both of their spouses get angry at them.

James Joyce was born in 1882 in Ireland, and is best known for his poetry, short stories, and novels. Exiles is the only play that he has written, making it unique in its conjugation. In his 1922 collection of stories, Ulysses, he uses different literary methods than those already published to portray the events of Homer's Odyssey, making this his most creative and beloved work by readers around the world.

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