Ella Enchanted Summary

Ella Enchanted Summary

During her birth, Ella of Frell, is gifted by Lucinda the Fairy, with the gift of obedience. As a result, she is forced to oblige to the whims and desires of everyone who wishes her to do something.

When Ella’s mother dies, her father sends her to a boarding school, where she meets malicious sisters, Hattie and Olive. Hattie discovers that Ella is obedient and therefore she begins to abuse Ella for her own gains.

Ella also makes friends with Prince Char and Areida. Hattie forces Ella to break off her friendship with Areida. Distraught by what she has done, Ella runs away. She arrives at a giant’s wedding and finds Lucinda, whom she pleas with to retract her gift. Lucinda tells Ella to be grateful and happy with her wish instead, which Ella has to obey.

Ella’s father, Sir Peter, is in his own debts and as such, decides to marry Hattie and Olive’s mother, Dame Olga, as means to pay them off. At the wedding, Lucinda gifts Dame Olga and Sir Peter the gift of always being in love, so even when Dame Olga discovers that Sir Peter has no fortune, she is unable to hate him. As such, she fuels her anger to Ella instead. Dame Olga, Hattie and Olive abuse Ella’s gift of obedience as Sir Peter is away on his travels.

Ella still continues to communicate with Prince char through letters but because she fears her gift could be used against him, she misleads him into thinking she is in love with another and plans to marry him. When Lucinda herself is put under the gift of obedience, she feels bad for Ella but still refuses to lift the spell.

When Char returns from his travels, a ball is held for him. Ella decides to go with the help of Mandy, the maid, and Lucinda. Char, who is still in love with Ella, runs after Ella after she runs away, and orders her to marry him. She refuses for the first time, thinking her gift will cause him harm, and as such the spell is broken and she is free. She then agrees to marry Char and they live happily ever after.

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