Edward II Background

Edward II Background

Edward II is a play first performed in 1593 and written by the Renaissance era playwright Christopher Marlowe. The play, first performed after his death, was mainly based off of the 1587 book titled Chronicles. Chronicles explored the sexuality of King Edward II, particularly the idea of homosexuality. Although the play mashes Edward's entire reign into a short time, many of its elements have been found to be somewhat accurate, if not dramatized. The play is one of the earliest plays performed in England and written by an Englishman in the country's history.

Born in 1564 and only living 29 years, Christopher Marlowe was an English poet and playwright. William Shakespeare was heavily influenced by the work of Marlowe, and goes down in history as one of the greatest English playwrights. His death at an early age is of unknown origin - one day, he mysteriously disappeared. Soon after, stories started circulating, but none of them are proven to be accurate. The most widely accepted theory is that he was stabbed to death after being arrested. His other influential works include Dido and Queen of Carthage.

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