Doctor Zhivago Summary

Doctor Zhivago Summary

When Yuri’s uncle Nikolai Nikolayevich moved to Petersburg, other relatives Gromeko took care of him at the age of ten. In their house there were interesting people and the atmosphere of the professorial family quite contributed to the development of Yuri’s talents.

The daughter of Alexander Alexandrovich and Anna Ivanovna (born Kruger) Tonya was a good friend to him, and classmate at the school Misha Gordon - a close friend, so that he did not suffer from loneliness.

Once during a home concert Alexander Alexandrovich had to accompany one of the invited musicians on an urgent call to the rooms where his well-known acquaintance, Amalia Karlovna Gishar, had just tried to settle accounts with her life. The professor gave in to the request of Yura and Misha and took them with him.

While the boys stood in the hallway and listened to the victim's complaints that she was pushed to such a pitch by terrible suspicions, luckily turned out to be only the fruit of her frustrated imagination, a middle-aged man came out from behind the partition into the next room, waking the girl who was sleeping in the chair.

At the looks of the man she answered with a wink of the accomplice, pleased that everything had turned out and their secret had not been revealed. In this silent conversation there was something frighteningly magical, like he was a puppeteer, and she was a puppet. Yura's heart contracted from the contemplation of this enslavement. On the street, Misha told a friend that he had met this man. A few years ago, he and his father were traveling with him on the train, and he was soldering on the way to the Yuri's father, who then fled the site to the rails.

The girl seen by Yura, turned out to be the daughter of Madame Guichard. Larissa was a schoolgirl. At the age of sixteen she looked eighteen years old and was somewhat burdened by the situation of the child - the same as her girlfriends. This feeling intensified when she yielded to the courtship of Viktor Ippolitovich Komarovsky, whose role with her mother was not limited to the role of counselor in business and friend at home. He became her nightmare, he enslaved her.

A few years later, as a medical student, Yuri Zhivago met Lara again under unusual circumstances.

Together with Tonya Gromeko on the eve of Christmas, they went to the Christmas tree to Sventitsky on the Kamergersky lane. Recently, a painfully long and painful Anna Ivanovna joined their hands, saying that they were created for each other. Tonya really was a close and understanding person. At that moment, she caught his mood and did not interfere with admiring the frosted, luminous windows from inside, in one of which Yuri noticed a black thaw, through which was seen the candle fire, turned to the street almost with a conscious look. At that moment, lines of yet unformed verses were born: "The candle was burning on the table, the candle was burning ..."

He did not even suspect that outside the window Lara Guishar was speaking at this moment to Pasha Antipov, who did not hide from the childhood of her adoration that if he loves her and wants to deter death, they should immediately marry. After that, Lara went to Sventitsky, where Yuri and Tonya had fun in the hall, and where Komarovsky was sitting behind the cards. About two o'clock in the morning a shot suddenly sounded in the house. Lara, shooting at Komarovsky, missed, but the bullet touched the comrade of the prosecutor of the Moscow Trial Chamber. When Lara was led through the hall, Yura was stupefied - that one! And again the same gray-haired man that had to do with his father's death! To top it off, after returning home, Tonya and Yura no longer found Anna Ivanovna alive.

Komarovsky managed to save Lara from the trial, but she fell ill, and Pasha was not allowed to visit her yet. However, Kologrivov came, however, and brought "awards". More than three years ago, Lara, in order to get rid of Komarovsky, became the teacher of his youngest daughter. Everything went well, but then her public brother Rodya lost the public money. He was going to shoot if his sister did not help him. The Kologrivovs rescued the money, and Lara handed them over to Rodja, taking away the revolver from which he wanted to shoot himself. Lara failed to return the debt. Lara secretly from Pasha sent money to his exiled father and paid the owners of the room in Kamergerskom.

The girl considered her position at Kologrivov false, did not see the way out of it, except to ask money from Komarovsky. Life has become disgusting to her. At the ball at the Sventicki Victor Ippolitovich pretended that he was busy with cards and did not notice Lara. To the girl who entered the room, he turned with a smile, the meaning of which Lara understood so well.

When Lara became better, she and Pasha got married and went to Yuryatin, to the Urals. After the wedding, the young people spoke until the morning. His guesses alternated with Lara's confessions, after which his heart fell. In the new place, Larissa taught at the gymnasium and was happy, although she had a house and a three-year-old Katya. Pasha taught Latin and Ancient History.

The wedding was arranged and Jura and Tonya were married. Meanwhile, the war broke out. Yuri Andreevich was at the front, not having time to really see his son. In another way Pavel Pavlovich Antipov got into the heat of battle.

With his wife, the relationship was not easy. He doubted her love for him. To free everyone from this forgery for family life, he finished officer courses and ended up on the front, where he was captured in one of the fights. Larissa Fedorovna acted as a sister in the ambulance train and went to look for her husband. Lieutenant Galiullin, who knew Pasha from childhood, claimed to have seen how he died.

Zhivago witnessed the collapse of the army, the outrage of anarchist deserters, and when he returned to Moscow he found even more terrible devastation. What he saw and experience led the doctor rethink a lot in his attitude to the revolution.

To survive the family moved to the Urals, to the former Kruger’s estate Varykino, not far from the city of Yuryatin. The path ran through the snow-covered spaces on which the armed gangs ruled, through the regions of recently pacified uprisings, with horror repeating the name of Strelnikov, crowding the whites under the command of Colonel Galiullin.

In Varykin they stopped first with the former Krugers’ manager Mikulitsyn, and then in the outhouse for the servants. They planted potatoes and cabbage, put the house in order, the doctor sometimes took the patients. Unexpectedly announced half-brother Eugraph Zhivago, energetic, mysterious, very influential, helped to strengthen their position. Antonina Alexandrovna was expecting a child.

Over time Yuri Andreyevich got an opportunity to visit Yuryatin in the library, where he saw Larisa Feodorovna Antipova. She told him about herself, that Strelnikov was her husband Pavel Antipov, who returned from captivity, but disappeared under a different surname and did not support the relationship with the family. When he took Yuryatin he bombarded the city with shells and never inquired if his wife and daughter were alive.

Two months later Yuri Andreevich again returned from the city to Varykino. He deceived Tonya, continuing to love her, and was tormented by it. On that day he went home with the intention of confessing his wife to everything and not seeing Lara any more.

Suddenly three armed men blocked his path and announced that the doctor had since been mobilized into a squad of Liveria Mikulitsyn. The doctor's job was to treat the wounded. Before Liveri Yurii Andreievich did not conceal that the ideas of the October Revolution did not ignite him, that they were so far from being realized, and for nothing but talk of it was paid by the seas of blood, so that the goal does not justify the means. Yes, and the very idea of ​​altering life is born of people who did not feel its spirit. Two years of bondage, separation from the family, hardship and danger ended nevertheless with a runaway.

In Yuryatin the doctor appeared at a time when white people left the city, passing it to the red. He looked wild, unwashed, hungry and weakened. Larisa Fedorovna and Katenka were not at home. In the cache for the keys he found a note. Larissa and her daughter went to Varykino, hoping to find him there. His thoughts were tangled, fatigue he was tending to sleep. He melted the oven, ate a little and, without undressing, fell sound asleep. Waking well understood that naked, unwashed and lying in a clean bed that long ached, but recovering thanks to the care of Lara, although full recovery can not even think about returning to Moscow. Zhivago went to serve in state hospital. However, the clouds over them thickened. In the doctor they saw a social alien, under Strelnikov the soil began to fluctuate. The town was raging.

At this time, a letter came from Tony: the family was in Moscow, but Professor Gromeko, and with it her and the children (now they have a daughter, Masha, besides her son) are being sent abroad. Grief is that she loves him, and he does not. Let him build life according to his own understanding.

Suddenly Komarovsky appeared. He was invited by the government of the Far Eastern Republic and is ready to take them with him: they are both facing death threats. Yuri Andreyevich immediately rejected this proposal. Lara has long told him about the fateful role that this person played in her life, and he told her that Viktor Ippolitovich was the culprit of his father's suicide. It was decided to take refuge in Varykin. The village was abandoned for a long time by residents, wolves howled around at night, but it would be more terrible for people to appear, and they did not take weapons with them. In addition, Lara recently said that she seems to be pregnant. He should not have thought of himself. Then just again came Komarovsky. He brought news that Strelnikov was sentenced to be shot and Katenka should be saved, if Lara does not think about herself. The doctor told Lara that she should go with Komarovsky.

In snowy, forest loneliness Yuri Andreevich slowly went crazy. He drank and wrote poems dedicated to Lara. Lament for the lost loved one grew into generalized thoughts about history and man, about revolution as a lost and mourned ideal.

One evening the doctor heard a crunch of footsteps, and a man appeared in the doorway. Yuri Andreyevich did not immediately recognize Strelnikov. It turned out that Komarovsky deceived them! They spoke almost all night.

About the revolution, about Lara, about childhood on Tverskaya-Yamskaya. They lay down in the morning, but when woke up and went out for water, the doctor found his interlocutor shot.

In Moscow Zhivago appeared emaciated, overgrown and feral. He traveled most of the way on foot. During the next eight or nine years of his life, he lost his medical skills and lost his literary skills, but nevertheless he took up his pen and wrote thin little books. Lovers appreciate them.

The daughter of the former janitor Marina helped him in the household, she served on the telegraph line on the foreign communication line. Over time, she became the wife of the doctor and they had two daughters. But one of the summer days, Yuri Andreyevich suddenly disappeared. Marina received a letter from him that he wants to live alone for a while and not to be sought. He did not say that he again knew where the appeared brother Evgraf had rented a room in Kamergersky, provided him with money, began to work on a good job.

However on a hot August day Yuri Andreyevich died of a heart attack. Say goodbye to him came to Kamergersky suddenly a lot of people. Among those saying goodbye was Larisa Fyodorovna. She came into this apartment from old memory. Here was once her first husband, Pavel Antipov. A few days after the funeral, she suddenly disappeared: she left home and did not return. Apparently, she was arrested.

Already in 1943, at the front, Major-General Yevgraf Andreevich Zhivago, asking the tinderer Tanka Bezocheredov about her heroic friend Scout Christina Orletsova, asked her, Tanya, the fate. He quickly realized that this was the daughter of Larisa and Yuri. Fleeing with Komorowski to Mongolia, when the Reds approached Primorye, Lara left the girl on the railway crossing to the watchman Martha, who had ended the days in a madhouse.

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