Doctor Zhivago Characters

Doctor Zhivago Character List

Yuri (Yura) Andreevich Zhivago

Yuri (Yura) Andreevich Zhivago – a doctor and a poet, is the main character of the novel. Yuri is the son of Andrei Zhivago, a profligate, and Maria Nikolaievna Zhivago. The soul of Yuri is receptive to goodness, harmony, beauty, and, at the same time, he sensitively reacts to historical events. Creatively gifted hero of the novel seeks to pursue his own business - healing not only human bodies, but also hearts. His view by force of circumstances becomes a measure and a tragic assessment of circumstances. Yuri's poems are support and confirmation of hopes and belief in the long-awaited enlightenment and liberation of the individual. He finds spiritual freedom and liberation from the tortuous earthly contradictions in the feeling of love for Lara.

Antonina Aleksandrovna Zhivago

Antonina Aleksandrovna Zhivago (Gromeko) is a lawyer, the wife of Yuri Antonina Alexandrovna Gromeko (Tonia). She is the daughter of Alexander Alexandrovich Gromeko, a professor of chemistry, and his wife, Anna Ivanovna, whose father was the landowner and ironmaster Ivan Ernestovich Krueger. As young people, Yurii Andreievich Zhivago and Misha Gordon, son of a lawyer, live with the Gromekos.

Larisa Feodorovna Guishar

Larisa Feodorovna Guishar (Lara) is the daughter of a Russianized, widowed Frenchwoman, Amalia Karlovna Guishar. Lara is the sister of mercy, wife of Antipov

Pavel Pavlovich Antipov

Pavel (Pasha) Pavlovich Antipov (Strelnikov) is Lara's husband, revolutionary commissar, he is the son of a railway worker, Pavel Ferapontovich Antipov. After his father's exile to Siberia, he lives with the Tiverzins (Kuprian)

Victor Ippolitovich Komarovsky

Victor Ippolitovich Komarovsky was Andrei Zhivago's lawyer and is Madame Guishar's lover and adviser.

Nikolai Nikolaievich Vedeniapin

Nikolai Nikolaievich Vedeniapin (Uncle Kolia) is Yuri’s maternal uncle.

Evgraf Andreievich Zhivago

Evgraf Andreievich Zhivago, a Major-General, is Yuri's half-brother.

Alexander Alexandrovich Gromeko

Alexander Alexandrovich Gromeko is professor-agronomist, Antonina's father.

Anna Ivanovna Gromeko

Anna Ivanovna Gromeko is the mother of Antonina

Katenka Antipova

Katenka Antipova is a daughter of Larissa and Pavel Antipov.

Mikhail Gordon

Mikhail Gordon is a philologist, a classmate at the gymnasium and Zhivago's best friend

Liverius Averkievich Mikulitsyn

Liverius Averkievich Mikulitsyn (Comrade Forest) - leader of the "Forest Brothers"


Marina is the third, not registered, wife of Yuri

Shura Schlesinge

Shura Schlesinger is Antonina Alexandrovna's friend, attorney

Marfa Gavrilovna Tiverzina

Marfa Gavrilovna Tiverzina is a mother of Kipriyan Savelevich Tiversin

Sofya Malakhova

Sofya Malakhova is a friend of Saveliy


Rodion is Lara's brother

Sasha Zhivago

Sasha Zhivago is a son of Jura and Tony

Emma Ernestovna

Emma Ernestovna is a housekeeper, she runs the farm Komarovsky

Konstantin Illarionovich Satanidi

Konstantin Illarionovich Satanidi is an actor and gambler

Rufina Onisimovna Voyt-Voytkovskaya

Rufina Onisimovna Voyt-Voytkovskaya is the landlord of Lara, a lawyer, the wife of a political exile

Lyudmila Kapitonovna Chepurko

Lyudmila Kapitonovna Chepurko is a mother of Tusi Chepurko, was preparing Lara's wedding with Pasha, "a good singer and a terrible inventor"

Lavrenty Mikhailovich Kologrivov

Lavrenty Mikhailovich Kologrivov has attached Lara to the educator of his daughter


Savelievich and his mother, (Marfa Gavrilovna), another revolutionary family of railway workers.

Osip Gimazetdinovich Galiullin

Osip Gimazetdinovich Galiullin (Yusupka), son of Gimazetdin, the janitor at the Tiverzins ' tenement; he is a Moslem.

Innokentii Dudorov

Innokentii Dudorov (Nika), son of Dementii Dudorov, a revolutionary terrorist, and a Georgian princess.

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