Detroit (2016 film) Background

Detroit (2016 film) Background

Kathryn Bigelow's Detroit (released in 2017) nominally tells the story of the 1967 Detroit Race Riots and the horrible Algiers Motel incident in which police officers murdered several unarmed people - both white and black. More broadly, though, Detroit tells the story a city whose police officers went rouge and acted violently and vengefully.

Although Detroit was a critical success, it was a financial failure at the box office, making $26 million at the box office against a budget of $34-40 million. In his glowing review for the U.K. Daily Telegraph, Robbie Collin wrote that "Each actor" in the film "inhabits their role with a precision and mettle that means even in the depths of confusion, the complex group dynamics are easy to read." David Jenkins of Little White Lies was less effusive in his praise for the film, writing that it is "Fascinating but deeply flawed."

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