Days of Abandonment Background

Days of Abandonment Background

The Days of Abandonment was written by bestselling author Elena Ferrante. It was first published during 2002 and was later published during 2005 by Europa Editions. This fictional novel tells the story of a woman left to care for two young children after being abandoned by her husband. She struggles with the mental anguish of her broken heart and loneliness while in her high-rise apartment. The walls of her mind eventually cave in, and she is forced to come face-to-face with the demons of her failed marriage, in addition to her tainted identity.

This novel impressed many readers to the point of being a national bestseller for almost a year. Specifically, such readers are in awe of the way she unfolds the changing character of the abandoned woman, highlighting the crippling pain of love and loss. On the other hand, some readers felt the woman embodies stereotypes of how women generally handle romantic setbacks, according to reviews on Goodreads.

Ferrante has authored several novels as a pseudonymous Italian novelist, including The Lost Daughter.

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