Daughter of Venice Characters

Daughter of Venice Character List

Donata Mocenigo

The protagonist of the novel and a wealthy noble girl who yearns for a life of adventure outside the palazzo.

Laura Mocenigo

The twin sister of Donata who takes part in Donata's plan to escape the Palazzo by masquerading as Donata while she is not at home.

Maria and Paolina Mocenigo

The fourth and fifth daughters of the Mocenigo family who are, by tradition, not expected to marry and are expected to be sent to the convent to become nuns.


A young Jewish man who helps Donata when she injures herself on her first trip out of the palazzo in exchange for helping him with a job at the printer's shop.

Messer Zonico

The family tutor of Donata and her brothers. He goes to the University of Padua at the end of the novel to help Donata secure a place to further her studies there.

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