Crossed Irony

Cassia Being Taken to the Outer Provinces (Situational Irony)

Ironically, Cassia is ultimately recruited to the Outer Provinces in the same way she was so heartbroken to see Ky taken away at the end of Matched. While his being taken was a point of conflict, something that he was forced to do, her recruitment is intentional, the potential solution to her being without him, and therefore a crucial plot point.

Decoys Humming the Society’s Anthem (Situational Irony)

Ky notices the decoys humming the Anthem of the Society as they gather rocks and gunpowder. Even though their government has sentenced them to death under the facade of loyalty to their nation, and even though they know this and can do nothing to change it, they are still left able to hum only songs that glorify it. They gather gunpowder to help defend themselves against an attack that the Society has put them in harm’s way of, and as they do they can’t help but sing praise to the Society.

Xander Leaving Pieces of Paper for Cassia like Ky (Situational Irony)

Throughout the series’ first book, Matched, Ky would leave pieces of paper for Cassia to find that communicated things about him that he couldn’t tell her in person, things the Society didn’t want her to know, including many dark details of his past. At the time, Cassia was sworn to Xander. However, now that the reverse is true and Cassia has chosen to love Ky, it is Xander who has left pieces of himself for her in the form of information on paper, which similarly keeps Xander in Cassia’s thoughts despite her love for Ky.

Cassia Not Knowing the True Nature of the Blue Tablets (Dramatic Irony)

Cassia’ ignorance of the true purpose of the blue tablets, an ignorance over which she has no control, as she was lied to about their function her whole life, represents a situation in which both the reader and other characters in the story know something she does not. Indie, Ky, and Vick all understand that the blue tablets are in fact poisonous and hinder one from escaping from the Society, which in turn informs the reader, but Cassia not only remains completely unaware of this until after ingesting and surviving the effects of one, but she also continues to refuse to listen to reason even after Indie and others try to convince her of their true nature.