Cousin Bette Themes

Cousin Bette Themes

Love and relationship s

The relations between Adeline and Hector, husband and wife, are interesting for the reader. It would seem a typical story. However, how can a beautiful, proud, and clever woman tolerate this vulgar infinity of recurring treasons? What form should her love take? Moreover, is this love real? The author is right that this worship, fanaticism, the end of love have long been crossed. A woman should appreciate herself. That is understandable that Hector is an egoist, who lives through a day. Nevertheless, Adeline’s philosophy is not clear to the reader. A man was created to achieve a woman. Her position is wrong, despite all Adeline’s virtue. She is a woman, who should be loved.

Hatred and envy

Is it hatred? Does the main heroine Bette really want revenge? Probably, this pathetic woman simply desires to be necessary and loved. Bette is devoid of male love and she only wants to fill this empty niche. She thinks she wants power over everyone, but she is dependent on other characters. Her relatives are her meaning, the meaning of her existence. Here is such a clumsy, ridiculous love, which is perceived by Bette as hatred. It is obvious that an ugly, poorly attended woman wants to be accepted, loved and needed. Bette envies and hates happy people, because she is unhappy and lonely. However, envy and hatred of other people destroyed her life.

Social status, rich life

Honoré de Balzac shows how each character depends on money. The main goal of the characters is to achieve a notable status and be a respectful person. They do not care about love, happiness or family. Of course, Adeline Hulot wants to be happy and loved, but she suffers from such people, who surround her. Her husband Baron Hector Hulot, Crevel, Valerie show that they are ready for anything for the sake of money and rich life. Some even are publicly humiliated. Valerie tries to deprive money by deception. However, Balzac proves that you will not be happy in chase of money. After all, wealth is love, children and loved people.

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