Cousin Bette Characters

Cousin Bette Character List

Bette Fischer

Bette is unique in her own way. She has an envious, vindictive and provident nature, which knows neither sympathy nor friendship. Bette manages to live life so that everyone around her considers her a guardian angel, a wise and selfless “aunt”, who is always ready to help, giving up the last savings, comfort and support. The most interesting fact is that she really does it! Bette comes to help, gives back her savings, takes care and gives advice, but nobody even follows them.

Adeline Hulot

Adeline is Bette’s sister. She is more beautiful, more fortunate. Adeline has been pretty since childhood and she was loved and spoiled. Adeline married a baron and she is rich. Her husband is handsome and they have two children. If to judge Adeline by her nature, she is the most positive and kind character of the novel. She loves and cares for her husband, even when Hector spends time with other women. Adeline is faithful, because she does not agree to Crevel’s offer to be his mistress. Adeline is the brightest and at the same time unhappy personage of the book.

Baron Hector Hulot

The Baron is a debauchee. In addition, he is also stupid, because every clever woman is able to wheedle money out of him. He is the most terrible person, because he cheats on his wife Adeline. Bette’s neighbor, Valerie Marneffe, becomes Hector’s mistress and completely ruins his life. Hector’s family is on the verge of poverty. He meanly treats his wife Adeline, but she loves him with all her heart.

Valerie Marneffe

This woman is just “a plague”. She is a promiscuous girl. Her hobby is to wheedle money out of rich men such as Baron Hector Hulot and Crevel. Valerie Marneffe destroys other people’s marriages and family hearth. She is very sly as a fox. We can talk about her endlessly, because there is no such character, who would have so much meanness.

Wenceslas Steinbock

Wenceslas is a Polish sculptor, who is no less important personage. He falls in love with Bette Fischer and she is strongly attached to him. Wenceslas saves her from loneliness and anguish. However, when he marries Adeline’s daughter, Bette believes that she is robbed.

Henri Montes de Montejanos

This man is a Brazilian Baron, whom Valerie also deceives and takes away his money. Nevertheless, he is a very determined man and decides to poison Valerie and her lover. His deed shows that evil is destroyed.

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