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John Milton is known for writing poems that have a clear meaning. In this poem’s case, the main idea transmitted is that virtue is more precious than anything else. The idea that a woman has to be virtuous and remain a virgin until her marriage was very common in the society where Jon Milton lived. Religion linked virginity with the idea of holiness and sexual degradation was liked with the idea that a woman was not in control of her life because she was unable to control her basic desires. Through this poem, Milton wanted to transmit the idea that is woman decides to remain virtuous, nothing bad will happen to her and that the decision to control or not her desire has to be taken by every person individually and that no one can force a person to sin or do something against their wishes.

Good VS Evil

The poem focuses on the battle between Good and Evil and shows that even if Evil seems to be more powerful than anything else, Good will prevail in the end. The poet mentions the fact that every person has free will and free will gives that person the power to decide what she or he will do with her or his life.

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