Comus Poem Text

Comus Poem Text

Before the starry threshold of Joves Court

My mansion is, where those immortal shapes

Of bright aëreal Spirits live insphear'd

In Regions milde of calm and serene Ayr,

Above the smoak and stirr of this dim spot,

Which men call Earth, and with low-thoughted care

Confin'd, and pester'd in this pin-fold here,

Strive to keep up a frail, and Feaverish being

Unmindfull of the crown that Vertue gives

After this mortal change, to her true Servants

Amongst the enthron'd gods on Sainted seats.

Yet som there be that by due steps aspire

To lay their just hands on that Golden Key

That ope's the Palace of Eternity:

To such my errand is, and but for such,

I would not soil these pure Ambrosial weeds,

With the rank vapours of this Sin-worn mould.

But to my task. Neptune besides the sway

Of every salt Flood, and each ebbing Stream,

Took in by lot 'twixt high, and neather Jove,

Imperial rule of all the Sea-girt Iles

That like to rich, and various gemms inlay

The unadorned bosom of the Deep,

Which he to grace his tributary gods

By course commits to severall goverment,

And gives them leave to wear their Saphire crowns,

And weild their little tridents, but this Ile,

The greatest, and the best of all the main,

He quarters to his blu-hair'd deities,

And all this tract that fronts the falling Sun

A noble Peer of mickle trust, and power

Has in his charge, with temper'd awe to guide An old,

and haughty Nation proud in Arms:

Where his fair off-spring nurs't in Princely lore,

Are coming to attend their Fathers state,

And new-entrusted Scepter, but their way

Lies through the perplex't paths of this drear Wood,

The nodding horror of whose shady brows

Threats the forlorn and wand'ring Passinger.

And here their tender age might suffer perill,

But that by quick command from Soveran Jove

I was dispatcht for their defence, and guard;

And listen why, for I will tell ye now

What never yet was heard in Tale or Song

From old, or modern Bard in Hall, or Bowr.

John Milton

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