Chaucer's Poetry Themes

Chaucer's Poetry Themes

The true value of honesty

In the poem "A ballad of Gentleness’’ the narrator discusses the main characteristics of a gentleman and the way in which a gentleman should behave. The narrator concludes the poem by claiming that honesty and virtue are far more valuable than anything on earth. Even though the narrator shows that some people will become successful after engaging in various lifestyles promoting vive, he shows that in the long run, a virtuous person has more to gain and has more advantages than a person who chooses to sacrifice everything just to benefit on the short run. The idea that honesty and virtue is more valuable than immediate gain is one of the major themes in the poems.

The fate of the human soul

Another important theme in the poems is the idea that a person must take care of their souls. The narrator stresses the idea that the soul is much more important than the human body and even though our instinct is to take care of our flesh, it is not the wisest decision. Instead, the narrator shows how it is wiser to take care of our soul first and then focus on fulfilling our desires and wishes. Through his poems, the narrator wants to educate his readers and to some extent, help them save their souls.

Love and pain

Another theme analyzed by the poet in his work is the idea that love and pain go hand in hand. The narrator was able to experience this firsthand since he was hurt by his lovers in the past as well and thus was able to see just how much love can bring both joy and pain. While the narrator does admit that love can bring pain, he is also aware of how a person who loves is happier and thus he is not quick to judge those who chose to follow their hearts.

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