Chaucer's Poetry Summary

Chaucer's Poetry Summary

A Ballad of Gentleness

‘A Ballad of Gentleness’ by Geoffrey Chaucer is about the nobility of a man. It says that a man should be gentle in every aspect of his life especially when dealing with his family and other people. Gentleness is a crown and honor that a man should wear. He should be away from the vices of laziness and should live in honesty.


The poem ‘Truth’ by Chaucer which is also called ‘Ballade de bon conseyl” is about the importance of truthfulness. The poet says that the man here on earth is just a pilgrim and his real home is in heaven. So, he shall pray, harm none, live by the word of God and be content with what he has. He shall not run after hoarding, praise or wealth. He should be satisfied with what he has, however small it is.

Merciles Beaute

Merciles Beaute or Merciless Beauty by Chaucer is a poem perhaps about unrequited love or abandoned love. He addresses his beloved and calls her beauty merciless as her beauty has attacked his heart but since she left him, he is left with only pain. His pain can only decrease if she returns in his life. She is beautiful beyond anyone’s imagination but she is merciless in giving pain of separation to the poet.

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