Charlotte Turner Smith: Poems Background

Charlotte Turner Smith: Poems Background

Charlotte Turner Smith was a renowned English poet of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. She was born during 1749 and died during 1806. Her poetic work was written and published during the Romantic era. The Romantic era was comprised of creative works that expressed or evoked intense emotions and were not necessarily about love. Such works possessed an intimate nature as they had endearing qualities.

Smith is famously known for her collection of poems titled Elegiac Sonnets, which was published during 1783. Surprisingly, she was in debtor's prison with her husband and children when she wrote it. She has had a memorable impact on the Romantic movement of literature, touching on social justice and economic issues of her time.

Some poem titles include "Sonnet Iii: To A Nightingale," "Oh, Hope! thou soother sweet of human woes," and "To the Shade of Burns." Other than poetry, she has published multiple novels as well as children's literature.

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