Caleb's Crossing Background

Caleb's Crossing Background

Caleb's Crossing was written by Geraldine Brooks, a bestselling author and journalist who grew up in Sydney, Australia. It was published during 2011 by Viking. This fiction novel tells a rich story of a blossoming friendship between two core characters: Bethia Mayfield and Caleb.

Bethia comes from a culture of American pioneers and Puritans, whereas Caleb comes from the native Wampanoag culture. Their adventurous friendship leads Caleb to becoming the first Native American to graduate from Harvard College during 1665.

Jane Smiley of The New York Times Book Review described the novel as "enlightening and involving." Furthermore, she said it was "beautifully written from beginning to end." Matthew Gilbert of The Boston Globe described the novel as "a dazzling act of the imagination." On the other hand, some Goodreads reviewers showed dissatisfaction with several aspects of the novel, such as its themes and its ending.

Brooks earned several literary award nominations for Caleb's Crossing, such as the 2011 Queensland Premier's Literary Award for Fiction and the 2012 Chautauqua Prize.

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