Buddenbrooks Irony

Buddenbrooks Irony

A Doctor only for others, not for himself

When after one of the dinner party little Christian complains about stomachache, their doctor who was also present said that it was a little indigestion because of all those sweets and cakes he had eaten before. And now he recommended the little patient to follow some diet and be more careful with such kind of food in future, as it is very unhealthy and can bring no good. But as we see the doctor himself cannot refuse himself to eat these all sweets. He is not a doctor to do what he preaches.

Poor Mr. Gosh

Mr. Gosh is an acquaintance of the Buddenbrooks. He is a wealthy person, but rather mean and stingy. Once he had lost two and a half thalers at the stock exchange and accepted it like a disaster. He performed a comedy right there with all the weeping and crying, it looked really funny, though for him it was extremely serious. In any way he looked nothing but pathetic, and the author ironically displays all the situation, as such a wealthy person cries over two and a half coins.

Another republic

During one of the street disorders Mr. Buddenbrook came out to people to talk with them and find out what they wanted. One of the men came out and said that they were unsatisfied with the set order and wanted some changes. When Buddenbrook asked what exactly changes they wanted the man said they wanted a republic. Mr. Buddenbrook was astonished as they lived in a republic, and the arrogant man just said they wanted another republic. The ironic picture of people who do not know what they want shows all the narrow-mindness of people.

Childlishly sophisticated

After her divorce with Mr. Grunlich antonia did not consider herself a miserable woman, she acted and held herself very important and was sure that her best years were before her. And all this story of an unsuccessful marriage and then divorce added to her image some self-conceit and even arrogance. She behaved as a person who had seen the life. This expression stuck to her like a motto and in very possible way she wanted to show how sophisticated in life matters she was, but in most cases it looked foolishly and ironically.

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