Buddenbrooks Essay Questions

Essay Questions

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    How is family business succession one of the main themes in Buddenbrooks by Thomas Mann?

    Throughout the novel, it is notable that the relationship between fathers and their sons is very strong. The fathers believe that their fortunes will be safeguarded and improved by their sons. All the Buddenbrooks men are thinking about how their business empires will be succeeded and that is why their primary focus is to train their sons from an early age. However, generational business succession seems to be taking a downward trend instead of an upward trend. Every son who inherits the family business takes it a step little downwards.

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    How do the Buddenbrooks fathers engage their daughters in the family businesses?

    Even though women are not allowed to engage in the family business in the days, the fathers in the story are determined to allow their daughters to do other activities that support the businesses. The males do everything to manipulate the females to do things that are aligned with the family businesses. For instance, Antonie is a female who is manipulated by the male characters to sacrifice her life for the sake of her family. Antonie is forced to forgo her interests and desires to do things that support her family business.

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    What is the emblematic meaning of the old house as used in Buddenbrooks by Thomas Mann?

    Antonie and her siblings grew up in the old house which is later sold after the demise of their mother. For Antonie, the old house symbolizes both good things and suffering. Antonie has not been successful in her marriages and she has frequently come back to live in the old house. For Antonia, the old house also symbolizes optimism but when it is sold, she thinks that all her hopes and expectations for good things in life are all gone.

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