Bridget Sprouls: Poems Summary

Bridget Sprouls: Poems Summary


Sprouls writes of how, whilst travelling, a lot of changes occur in the mouth. There are people with short tongues, those with even shorter tongue, and those with long jaws at the bottom. We all have some sounds we are most comfortable with, wet slippery sounds we favor, kept in like birds caged in a garden.

She describes how her mouth wants to split, her lips and her jaws. When people ask where she is from, they are testing if her sounds fit with the answer.


The speaker describes someone who ended all his sentences with the word Austin. As she had never been there, she decided to go, packing up just like many misbehaving members of her family before her. She walked on foot. She says that engines enchant her and describes her situation as awkward, when she has no cash, and simply flutters her eyelashes. She thanks the generous farmers that fed her soe pecans, and the dogs that lost interest and left her alone.

Sometimes she woke up thinking she heard a sweet tune, and attempted to answer the phone in the dark woods. She states that somebody needed to put their ear to the ground and test for flexible floors in lofts, as well as know the haunted houses and the gutters that lead somewhere. She moves towards the weeds, wanting to turn on the air-conditioning and lead the first tour.

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