Bridget Sprouls: Poems Background

Bridget Sprouls: Poems Background

Bridget Sprouls is a well-regarded author of multiple poems that have appeared in prestigious publications. Some popular poems of hers are "Scout," "Mouth," and "Down the Shore," but she has more. Sprouls presents a very earthy and cultured tone of writing in her poems.

She taps into the reader's imagination by using words that strongly appeal to the senses, shedding light on ordinary treasures of life. Her vivid descriptions of the exciting surroundings she makes contact with and the delight it gives her as she journeys on to new territory in the poem "Scout" evoke a scene of curiosity and tranquility in one's imagination, among other scenes.

Sprouls' poems have appeared in The New Yorker, The Belleville Park Pages, The Stinging Fly, and other publications. She has used her creative writing skills and experience to teach students at different higher education institutions, such as Richard Stockton University in New Jersey.

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