Born a Crime

Born a Crime Character List

Trevor Noah

Trevor is the protagonist and narrator of the story, which follows him as he grows from a very young child into a man in his early twenties.

Patricia Nombuyiselo Noah

The mother of Trevor, and a major character in the memoir. She made the radical choice to have a mixed-race child at a time when this was illegal in South Africa.


Trevor's father, a white man of Swiss German descent. He is a presence in Trevor's early childhood but the two gradually become estranged.


Trevor's younger half-brother, the son of Patricia and Abel.


Trevor's youngest half-brother, the son of Patricia and Abel.


Trevor's stepfather. He marries Patricia and fathers two sons with her. He is a physically abusive alcoholic who shoots and tries to kill Patricia.

Temperance Noah

Trevor's maternal grandfather.

Frances Noah

Trevor's maternal grandmother.

Sibongile and Dinky

Trevor's aunt and uncle; Sibongile is Patricia's sister, and Dinky is her husband.


Trevor's cousin, the child of Sibongile and Dinky.


Trevor's great-grandmother.


Trevor's cousin.


Trevor's childhood friend, the son of a domestic worker.


Trevor's friend who encourages and entices him into a number of schemes and plans.


Trevor's friend who introduces him to the neighborhood known as Alexandra and works with him to hustle and attempt to make money there.