"Bloodchild" and Other Stories Characters

"Bloodchild" and Other Stories Character List


T'Gatoi is a character from the "Bloodchild" story. The story is set on a fictional planet where humans are the aliens that arrived there. T'Gatoi is a Tilc species, and humans serve as vessels for their young ones to feed on and grow in an agreed system that prevents violence.


Gan is the human male that T'Gatoi choose for the breeding of her children from the story "Bloodchild". He directly witnesses what the Tilc eggs do to the human bodies as parasites crawling inside and feeding on it, and it makes him question his role as T'Gatoi's partner.

Lynn Mortimer

Lynn Mortimer is the main character of the story "The Evening and the Morning and the Night". The story is set in a fictional futuristic world where cures for cancer and other various diseases have been found, but the consequence of those cures is the deadly neurological disease that urges the patients to violently commit suicide by tearing apart their flesh.


Stephen is a character from the story "Near of Kin". Introduced as the protagonist's uncle, the story goes on to reveal that he is actually her father and that she was born from an incestuous relationship he had with her mother and his step-sister.


Rye is the main character from the story "Speech Sounds". It is set in a dystopic world in which people partially lost their cognitive abilities due to an unknown disease. Rye hasn't lost her speech ability but has to keep it hidden out of danger for her life.

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