Blankets Summary

Blankets Summary

Blankets is an autobiographical text. The story begins with Craig's relationship with his younger brother in Wisconsin. The boys have severly pious parents. At Bible camp one winter, Craig finds a group of outcast teens whom become his friends during the camp. Amongst the teens is a girl called Raina, Craig, and Raina become inseparable. They keep in contact even after the camp ends. 

Craig goes to visit Raina's family and they make love on Craig's last night. When Craig goes back home, Craig and Raina remain in contact for a while but she eventually decides to end their romantic relationship. Though they continue talk for a while as friends, Craig decides to end their friendship. Craig destroys every single memento of their relationship, except for a blanket that Raina made for him and Craig moves out of his house. 

The novel ends with Craig returning to his childhood home as a changed man.

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