Black Swan (2010 Film) Summary

Black Swan (2010 Film) Summary

Black Swan is an astounding psychological horror film that chronicles the life of Nina Sayers, a 28-year-old dancer who is preparing for a show, Swan Lake.Thomas Leroy has now begun looking for a fresh face to play the dual role of the white swan and the black swan. Nina manages to convince Leroy in terms of her performance as the white swan, but not as the black swan. However, she bags the lead role.

As time progresses, Nina finds herself crumbling in the face of odd hallucinations. However, Nina is given a chance to play the role, and she receives a standing ovation from the crowd. But she slowly realizes that her hallucinations have been growing more potent.

In the end, playing the role of the white swan who kills herself, Nina receives much appreciation from the audience. Nonetheless, the truth is revealed and she ends with the perfect performance, embodying the role to the extremes.

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