Black Swan (2010 Film) Imagery

Black Swan (2010 Film) Imagery

Screaming Paintings

Nina is seen staring at paintings that have come alive and are screaming at her. This imagery reveals her paranoia and we as the audience get to see what she is imagining in her mind during one of her breaks.

Black Swan

Nina, in her performance as the Black Swan, begins to grow black wings during her performance as she becomes the Black Swan. Aronofsky's literal transformation of Nina in this moment is hauntingly beautiful and we see how fully she has become this character in her commitment.

Mirror Mirror

Nina is in the bathroom and is cutting her nails as she sees she has been scratching herself on her back. We see the camera pan between a shot of Nina and a shot of her in the mirror. When it is only on Nina she appears normal, but the mirror shot reveals an evil in her that is chilling. This imagery shows the dual nature that she is taking on in preparing for her role.


Nina is trying to keep her mother out of her room when she slams the door shut on her...with her mother's hand still in the door frame. This imagery makes us cringe as we watch and gets us instantly stirred in our emotions.

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