Black No More Background

Black No More Background

Black No More, written by George Schuyler, is the story of Max Disher. Max is a clever black man who endures an extraordinary, scientific transformation, which leads him to turn into a white man. He changes his name to Matthew Fisher and builds a new, adventurous life for himself. Matthew embarks on experiences that give him fresh insight into a world he was shut out from while being black.

This includes becoming the leader of a white supremacy group called Knights of Nordica and marrying the white woman who once rejected him for being black. Black No More, published during 1931, is a satirical exploration of race from a self-serving perspective of whiteness that has entertained the minds of many readers.

Schuyler was born during 1895 and died during 1977. He was a satirist, journalist, and critic committed to exposing injustices tied to racism as well as serving as a voice for Black America through his written work. He has published many short stories, novels, and novellas between 1933 and 1939 under multiple pen names, such as Samuel I. Brooks.

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