Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo Background

Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo Background

Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo is a play written by riveting author Rajiv Joseph and was published during 2012 by Dramatists Play Service. This play tells the story of the life-changing impact a Bengal tiger has on two American Marines as well as an Iraqi translator.

The charming Bengal tiger roams through the war-stricken city of Baghdad trying to mend its broken spirit and gain a sense of purpose. In a sense, this tiger represents the struggles and triumphs of human nature tied to finding clarity in the midst of chaos.

Some online reviews say it's difficult to understand the ultimate lesson of the play as well as visualize the depth of it. Other online reviews adore the metaphorical creativity of the play, identifying it as a major strength. Joseph is the author of several other plays, such as Gruesome Playground Injuries and Animals Out of Paper.

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