Audre Lorde: Poetry Background

Audre Lorde: Poetry Background

To understand Audre Lorde's poetry, one just has to be sincere. She's not writing anything incredibly profound, but she is writing the truth. Based on her own experiences, Lorde writes to dispel the lies which people tell themselves. She was a black lesbian mother. Much of her experience revolves around hate and discrimination, so naturally a great deal of her poetry focuses on these ideas.

Lorde's poetry is a reflection of her life. In her personal life, she adored poetry, often quoting it in her daily communications. When she couldn't find a poem that would sufficiently respond how she felt, she would write something. Publishing her writing, she hoped to help other people look past stigmas to recognize the beauty of differences. She considered it a shame that people go so far in their attempt to avoid prejudice that they pretend people are all exactly the same. To Lorde, the differences of people are what make them all so beautiful and worthwhile. She wanted to teach people to celebrate their uniqueness and unconventionalities.

In 1992, Lorde died of breast cancer. Even while fighting the disease, she maintained her belief in unshakable sincerity. She wrote about her experiences in hospitals, how she felt, and all the changes in her life. Her unwavering honesty shines through in all of her poetry. The common themes of her writing are bold, raw, and unapologetic. She relates her experience.

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