At the Full and Change of the Moon Background

At the Full and Change of the Moon Background

At the Full and Change of the Moon is a book written by the Canadian poet Dionne Brand. The paperback spans over 320 pages of lyrical plot driven action. It was first published in 1999 by Granta Books, Grove Press and Knopf Canada, before being republished a year later by Grove Press and Vintage Canada. It was latest republished with a new cover in 2011 by Vintage Canada. The book begins in 1824, following the life of a slave.

Marie-Ursule is the main character in the story. She is feisty and knows what she needs to do and what need to be changed in order for her people to regain the freedom they once had. And that is a mass suicide. However, she had a daughter, and she need to be held safe and far away from the troubles a war can bring. The book follows how experiences, curses and feelings travel trough generations from one to another.

Dionne Brand has won may awards for her books; A Map to the Door of No Return, Rivers Have Sources, Trees have Roots and No Language is Neutral. She received the Trillium Prize for Literature, the Pat Lowther Award for poetry and the Toronto Book Award. She has also worked as an essayist and a documentarian.

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