Aspects of the Novel Background

Aspects of the Novel Background

Aspects of the Novel is a book, not a novel, comprised of lectures and speeches by the author, E.M. Forster, on what a novel really is. The book was published in 1927, and the speeches were held the same year at the Trinity College of Cambridge University. Many aspects of the work reference classic literary pieces, and how they all follow the same outline. Although the book only refers to literature in the English language, the principles implied can be seen throughout the world's languages. The main aspects that Forster emphasizes are story, characters, plot, fantasy, prophecy, pattern, and rhythm.

Edward Morgan Forster, born in 1879, was an English novelist and essayist. Born in London, his father was an architect, and he was the only child of his parents. Because of this fact, he spent much time alone, which inspired him to come up with new ideas in the field of literature. Despite the fact that he wrote these speeches to describe novels, many of the novels he has written has followed the same premises. His first novel, also a great hit, was Where Angels Fear to Tread.

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