Learning in the kitchen

Describe something outside of your intended academic focus about which you are interested in learning.

Growing up, cooking was a way for me to feed myself due to my parents often working late shifts. Often Macaroni n Cheese or grilled cheese and tomato soup would be my go-to dish - that was my idea of cooking. However, as I grew up and my tastes changed, my view of cooking also changed. I was done with the simple, yet delicious, macaroni n cheese, and wanted to explore different methods of cooking my favorite foods. As my parents began to trust my cooking capabilities more and more, I started looking for new recipes to emulate. At this point, I was still a novice in the art, I was not as good as the likes of Giada de Laurentiis or Joan Roca I Fontané; however, I still dreamed of learning extreme forms of cooking such as cooking flambe or learning to cook with dry heat.

Learning new methods of cooking is a way for me to release my creative side. Being able to transform simple ingredients into a scrumptious meal is nothing short of magical. This is why I want to learn advanced forms of cooking. I realize that USC is not a culinary school, and that's fine because for me cooking is the perfect hobby. While some people express their emotions through going to the gym or painting, I express my emotions through my killer lemon meringue...

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